Choosing the Right Refrigerator, How?

Today’s refrigerators are the most energy efficient ever, and they’re loaded with cool technologies that can extend the shelf life of fresh foods.

We’ll tell what you need to know so you can pick the best refrigerator for your home and budget.


Top-freezer / bottom-freezer:

These traditional models have a freezer on top and refrigerator on the bottom or a refrigerator on top and a freezer on the bottom. Reversible doors swing left or right to accommodate tight spaces.


Similar-size refrigerator and freezer compartments run vertically from the top to the bottom of the unit. This is the best bet for a kitchen with limited space, like a galley kitchen, as it takes up the least room with the doors open.

French door with bottom freezer:

French door configurations open from the middle to reveal a top refrigerator compartment with a door or drawer to access the freezer, located on the bottom of the unit. Allows for easier accessibility to the fresh-food compartments and main refrigerator area.

4-door French door:

French doors open from the middle of the top refrigerator compartment with a freezer located on the bottom of the unit. Between these two sections is a fourth refrigerated door / drawer. It’s essentially the same configuration as the French door with bottom freezer but with an additional middle refrigerated pantry drawer.


French doors open to an upper refrigerator compartment to reveal a door inside the door. A door-in-door saves energy because you only open one panel to access frequently used items in an in-door bin.


A stylish option that sits flush with the cabinet fronts, providing a built-in look without a built-in price.


A scaled-down version often used in dorm rooms, basements or family rooms. There’s usually little to no freezer.

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